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This 49 year old male from La Jolla, California was interested in reducing fat in his abdomen. He researched several methods of fat reduction techniques in the San Diego area and was impressed with the CoolSculpting non-invasive procedure.

CoolSculpting San Diego

He did not want an invasive procedure or one that required a recovery time. He found that CoolSculpting offered everything he was looking for and decided to see what results he could achieve.


Like most, his area of concern consisted of a bulge present in his abdomen. He was measured using the different applicator sizes and it was determined that the large size applicator would work best to target his area of concern.

CoolSculpting California

Prior to placing the applicator onto the skin, a gel liner is placed onto the area, protecting the skin from the applicator.

Non-Surgical Liposuction

CoolSculpting Before and After

The applicator was placed onto the skin while a sucking motion was initiated. A cooling technique is delivered during the entire hour long procedure along with the sucking/pulling motion. The procedure can be uncomfortable for the first few minutes, but the discomfort usually subsides after about five minutes.

San Diego CoolSculpting

A pillow was used for support throughout the hour long procedure. During the procedure, the fat cells are crystallized and then over the next few months are naturally eliminated.

Non-Invasive Fat Reduction

The machine was removed after an hour along with the gel liner to begin massaging, which helps to disburse the cooling and fat cells.

CoolSculpting Procedure

Liposuction Alternative

The patient is now 3 months post-op CoolSculpting of his abdomen and is extremely satisfied with his results.


I am a traditionally trained General / Plastic Surgeon who, up until now, did not buy into any of the “miracle”, non-invasive machines that promised great results for patients.  I am very conservative with what I offer to my patients wanting to make sure that the patient will have results that they are happy with.  I heard about CoolSculpting by Zeltiq and did my own research on the machine and the company.  I try to keep up to date with new technologies.  I wanted to see first hand what the experience / results would be and how the Coolsculpting technology by Zeltiq would work on stubborn (diet and exercise resistant) adipose tissue of the upper and lower abdomen.

I had the procedure performed on areas of adipose tissue my upper and lower abdomen.  To determine if I was a good candidate, I was asked to “pinch” the area that I was concerned with and it was determined that the small applicator would work well on this area.  I was placed in a comfortable bed and the procedure was performed on me in the supine (laying down) position. A very cold gel was applied to the skin and the suction applicator was placed on the skin and adipose tissue that could be grasped with two hands. The suction device, I found, was quite strong, creating a sensation of pulling/suction that was, for the first minute, uncomfortable. This sense of strong suction/pulling gradually dissipated after 1-2 minutes to the point where I could ignore it and read. The procedure lasted one hour.  During this hour, a patient can read, sleep, watch T.V. or do work if they like.

There is a “call button” on the machine so if I needed the staff to assist me for any reason, I would just push that button and it would page the staff.  I was asked to not twist around or get up as this may cause the applicator to lose suction and therefore the procedure would need to be restarted. Towards the end of the hour, the Coolsculping machine changed to a “massage” mode which lasted for a few minutes and then at the end of the hour mark, the suction applicator was removed.  When the applicator was removed, it left the area treated looking elevated and red, with the appearance of a large stick of butter. The area was very cold to touch.  Manual massage was performed after the applicator was removed and then we were finished.

After the procedure, for the first few days, I felt tenderness to the touch, sensing that the machine did its job at creating “damage” to the adipose tissue layer. When I ran and /or when the area was touched, it was tender.  I resumed my normal routine of working and exercising with no problems. After approximately two weeks, I no longer had any tenderness or lasting impression that the treatment had been performed. After about three weeks post treatment, I started to notice definite decreased volume in the area treated. This was easily visible and palpable to me with definite decrease adipose tissue able to be pinched in the area treated. At this point (approximately one month out of treatment) I am convinced that this technology does work and will be a nice addition to the practice.


Body Shaping and Sculpting via Lipo Plastic Surgery
Serving the Greater San Diego and Southern California Areas

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