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This 30 year old from Escondido, California was unhappy with the appearance and asymmetry of his chest. He had developed gynecomastia, a condition where males develop breast tissue. However, in his case, he developed breast tissue only in his right chest. He was uncomfortable both in and out of clothing with the asymmetry present. He researched online for a board certified plastic surgeon to correct his condition and found double board certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Pousti.


Dr. Pousti examined the patient and determined he would benefit from gynecomastia correction surgery only on his right side to promote better symmetry. Dr. Pousti and the patient met again prior to surgery to perform markings. The circle around the areola and the surrounding lines represent where tissue is removed and liposuction is performed to improve contour and symmetry.


An incision on the areola was made and the excess tissue was removed. To remove fatty or glandular tissue, Dr. Pousti performed liposuction.

Male Breast Reduction

Before / After 3 Weeks


The patient is extremely satisfied with his gynecomastia correction with liposuction results.


Body Shaping and Sculpting via Lipo Plastic Surgery
Serving the Greater San Diego and Southern California Areas

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